The process-oriented esl writing assessment promises and challenges

Even more, that view points to the importance of reflecting on and analyzing the transformations that are occurring now before their effects are fully realized. Other texts currently used in CALL teacher education courses generally address only one theoretical foundation e.

The process-oriented esl writing assessment promises and challenges

Normally numbers also correspond with the college level at which they are taken. Courses numbered or higher are upper-level courses primarily for juniors and seniors, though open to other qualified students; courses numbered lower than are primarily for first-year students and sophomores.

Courses numbered above are graduate level courses. Students are advised to note prerequisites listed in course descriptions and to confer with their academic advisors or the registrar concerning sequence and level of specific courses.

All course credit is given in semester hours.

the process-oriented esl writing assessment promises and challenges

Financial reporting focus emphasizes the disclosure requirement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the application of ethics.

Covers analysis and use of the above data in the decision-making process relating to the control of the business firm and the application of ethics.

This course will utilize a "hands-on" approach through the use of QuickBooks, a popular software package for small businesses. Students will more deeply explore many of the fundamental accounting concepts, with both a theoretical and practical emphasis, as well as gain a working knowledge of the technical aspects of computerized accounting systems.

ACT AUDITING 3 This attestation function is developed with the concepts of audit evidence, materiality and risk analysis and the integration of financial and cost accounting, ethics, accounting theory and information systems into a systematic process of obtaining, evaluating and reporting economic events.

Tax software will be used to complete tax returns. Topics covered in course: This course will not be an extension of technical accounting issues which have been previously explored.

Rather, this course will be a culmination of broader concepts necessary for accounting graduates to become productive employees and professional leaders, both within and without their respective organizations.

While an investigation report and also thesis the actual literary works review is usually a critical synthesis regarding earlier Negative credit an analysis papers with a thesis, the particular literary works assessment provides for a backdrop on the examine getting recommended. Validation of holistic scoring for ESL writing assessment: How raters evaluate compositions. In A. J. Kunnan (Ed.), Fairness and validation in language assessment: Selected papers from the 19th Language Testing . Some challenges in the assessment of prior learningSome challenges in the assessment of prior learning THE SCHOOL MIX EFFECT: THE HISTORY OF AN ENDURING PROBLEM IN EDUCATIONAL THEORY AND PRACTICE Preservice mathematics education: .

Class presentations will include the study of visual art examples: The course may focus on a particular style, theme, medium, or approach to visual art. The topic will vary according to the instructor of a particular section and the term in which it is offered.

ART DESIGN 1 3 Concentration on the theories and use of color, analysis of historical compositions and devices and assigned problems that strengthen the student's ability to compose. Theory is supported by work in the studio and extended through traditional and contemporary visual references.

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Students are encouraged to develop a personal approach through the use of a sketchbook. Discussion and viewing of historical as well as contemporary work expands perspectives and through studio assignments, students develop a personal approach. Introduction to and practical experience in a variety of traditional three-dimensional media including clay, wood, metal, fabric and glass.

Projects may include clay relief sculpture, functional wood objects, centrifugal casting, stained glass and batik. The understanding and practical experience gained here is intended to prepare the student for more complex three-dimensional art experiences. ART recommended but not required.

The emphasis is on construction, composition, paint handling and color. Individual and group criticism, combined with field trips and discussion of painting ideology, expands the students' perspectives of themselves within historical and professional contexts.

Use of the figure, still-life and landscape as initial references. Practical experience through participation in all phases of ceramic production.

Survey of traditional and contemporary approaches to clay focused on promoting individual student response to the medium. Construction in wood using basic carpentry skills, lamination and joinery. Involves instruction in cutting, welding and brazing metals.

Covers stone and wood carving and mixed media assemblage. Survey of historical and contemporary sculpture with special attention to additive and subtractive approaches to media.

The initial emphasis is on black and white images executed through studio assignments. Introduction to color reduction block printing. Discussion and viewing of historical as well as contemporary work expand perspectives and the student is encouraged to develop a personal approach.

Offered every fourth year. Various methods of making plates, hard and soft ground, drypoint, mezzotint, aquatint and embossment, are explained and demonstrated.

Building and stretching screens as well as darkroom work with enlarger and Kodalith film are demonstrated.The study investigated (1) the roles of ESL teachers when using the writing approach to teach writing to the five fifth graders and (2) the role of the writing process approach in the writing .

There has been a mismatch between process-oriented English as a Second Language (ESL) writing instruction and product-oriented assessment. Although the methodology for teaching ESL writing has shifted toward process-centered approaches over the last two decades, the assessment of ESL writing skills on standardized and institutional ESL placement tests has continued to focus on written .

Jürgen Kurtz, Justus Liebig University (JLU) Giessen, Germany. Standards-based EFL/ESL education has become increasingly influential in the past decade, in the US as well as in many other countries. Jan 01,  · Interactive writing is a process-oriented instructional approach designed to make the composing and encoding processes of writing overt and explicit for young students who are learning to write.

It is particularly suitable for students who struggle with literacy learning.


Communicative writing profiles: An investigation of the transferability of a multiple-trait scoring instrument across ESL writing assessment contexts. Language Learning, 41, Hamp-Lyons, L., & .

Teaching suggestions Assignments in a process-oriented course should stress planning and revising in all writing tasks and also suggest a range of writing strategies that students can use to deal with a subject and meet the needs of a reader.

and essay organization also contribute to the effectiveness of writing. and Chapters 42–

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