The functions of ghost stories

The Functions of Ghost Stories By: The idea of ghosts i. There are those who live their lives searching for proof of the afterlife while others prefer to watch or read a fictional ghost story than to contemplate the supposed reality of ghosts. The stories that are written for both the page and screen examine the relationship between the living and the dead through their sometimes terrifying situations with each other.

The functions of ghost stories

Oct 18, Comments: But such a rich history also brings an eerie side effect: Virginia has more than its share of ghost stories, and we have compiled a few of the spookiest locations that are open to the public. Experience a truly haunted Halloween when you visit these ghostly grounds. Ferry Plantation House—Virginia Beach The constructed grounds on which the Ferry Plantation House resides date back towhen the second ferry service in Hampton Roads began carrying passengers across the Lynnhaven River to plantations and the county courthouse along the waterway.

After the ferry closed, several buildings were erected in succession, only to be torn down or destroyed.

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Eventually, the last buildings fell into disrepair and were all but forgotten by the living. But the previous residents are said to have never truly left the grounds; eleven spirits have been reported to haunt this house, including victims of a shipwreck that occurred in After the city completed extensive renovations, the house was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register and now serves as a museum, allowing people to visit the historic grounds.

This tour takes a terrifying turn during Halloween, when for several days, the museum holds the Stroll of Lost Soulswhere guests learn the interesting history behind the property and the tragic tales of the ghosts that now call Ferry Plantation House The functions of ghost stories home.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery Lexington has numerous historic sites, but few are as creepy as the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemeterywhere the famous Confederate general was laid to rest.

Lee on his horse, Traveler, as they wandered down the now-unfamiliar streets of Lexington. Ina young woman traveled to Alexandria on a ship with her husband, contracting a disease on her journey that led them to seek rest and rehabilitation at the inn. To this day, no one knows who she was, and she is buried in St.

The building served as a hospital for wounded soldiers from both sides during the Civil War, and many unfortunately never left the hospital to return home. The Martha is said to be haunted by a few of these phantoms, apparently unfinished with the world of the living.

Hollywood Cemetery—Richmond Most cemeteries are at least a little creepy, but Richmond residents believe Hollywood Cemetery to be especially haunted. The statue stands guard over the grave, holding the remains of a young girl who tragically died in Another strange site within the cemetery is the tomb marked W.

The site seems similar to the other mausoleum style graves, but according to gossip and lore, the Richmond Vampire dwells inside the tomb. These local legends have Richmond residents believing that those buried in Hollywood Cemetery may not be resting in peace, but instead roaming the grounds at night, looking to prey on unsuspecting visitors.

The Exchange Hotel—Gordonsville The Exchange Hotel was built in beside an important railroad junction, offering passengers worn out from long trips a place to rest. Unfortunately, two years later the Civil War came to the region, and the hotel had to be converted into a receiving hospital.

The Functions of Ghost Stories

In less than a year, over 23, sick and wounded soldiers were brought to the Exchange Hotel, and by the time the war ended, the number had reached over 70, The hotel now functions as a Civil War Museum, with artifacts, uniforms, and firearms on display, but you may hear the faint moans and cries from soldiers that never left the premises when you visit.

Take a candlelight tour of the museum and relive its dark past with the Night at the Museum Ghost Tours at the Exchange Hotel. The battle was bloody, with nearly a quarter of General Robert E. In need of a makeshift hospital, the Confederates used the Overton-Hillsman farmhouse on the property, with the battle raging literally in the backyard.

Bloodstains still mark the floors of the house, and countless soldiers were buried in mass, unmarked graves all over the property.

If ghosts are real, they are likely hanging out around this spooky state park. Albans Sanatorium—Radford Sanatoriums were notoriously cruel in the early 20th century, using methods like electroshock therapy, lobotomies, and other archaic practices on the patients. The trials had no positive effect for the patients, who acted as test subjects for the doctors curious to see the results of such savage experiments without practicing on the general public.

The functions of ghost stories

Albans Sanatorium was one such facility, and the tortured patients did not always survive the tests. Additionally, the property was the site of an extremely violent Civil War battle, and visitors today report hearing rifles or cannons firing and smelling gun smoke when walking the grounds.

With so much misery occurring on the property, it is no surprise that St. Albans is considered one of the most haunted places in Virginia.

Colonial Williamsburg—Williamsburg As an early American settlement, numerous historic houses in Colonial Williamsburg are believed to be haunted by past residents. Unfortunately, the young man fell ill during his stay and never recovered. He died in the home, and today, there have been multiple accounts of visitors spotting a young man walking sadly through the house or hearing heavy footsteps above their heads, even though no one is upstairs.

The home originally sat right by the water, where a young family member or neighbor carved likenesses of the passing trade ships on the rough wood exterior of the building. This early graffiti is still visible today. But what lead to the haunted history began with Captain Timothy Hill and his daughter, Jennie.

Captain Hill favored Jennie above his other children, and wished to marry her to a wealthy, well-educated man. However, a young man named Tom Freeman who grew up with the family, was in love with young Jennie. When the Captain refused to allow the marriage, Tom became desperate and ambushed Jennie and her mother in a field.Sharing stories allows us to understand the human experience and find ways to relate to and connect with one another.

Telling stories gives us a sense of culture, history, and personal identity. A list of creepy Chinese ghosts that originate from ancient Chinese folklore. From the hopping vampire to the female ghost, these are sure to scare. Oddly enough I don't think I ever bothered to look into ghost stories from right here in Carlisle.

I work over at the Sentinel Newspaper on E. High street.

I'll be keeping track of this board -Slip. Books shelved as ghost-fiction: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, Shadowland by Meg Cabot, Fifth Grave Pa. Ghost stories are not just about horror, but a compelling way to retell bygone social and political influences Curl up by the window, let the light die, and I’ll tell you a ghost story.

A list of creepy Chinese ghosts that originate from ancient Chinese folklore. From the hopping vampire to the female ghost, these are sure to scare.