The aquarius advertising agency

Additional services include aid in marketing and distribution of products, and marketing research to test advertising effectiveness. Its activities are organized in a traditional manner. The formal organization is show in Figure 1. Each of the functions includes similar activities, and each client account is coordinated by an account executive who acts as a liaison between the client and the various specialists on the professional staff of the Operations and Marketing divisions.

The aquarius advertising agency

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Script Writing for Advertising Agency You are here: Since the term industrialization has been coined, the trend of maximizing profit via productive surplus has been prevailing and even accelerating just like a shot of a gun in the market.

Script writing is an integral part of advertising agency as all commercial ads need the basic format of script writing so that an impressive outlook can be prepared for tantalizing and tempting mob to hook towards the advertised product. Script writing for advertising agency should have the following characteristics: Script should have catchy phrases or words.

The central idea or gist of the entire script should be concluded in the punch lines at the beginning of it within 2 to 4 lines.

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Wisely summarize the concept of a brand or product or service within 30 to 60 seconds of limited time period since lengthy script may lose the nerves of the intended viewers.

The language must be based on the local dialect where it is going to be aired. Take care of the connectivity with the viewers who have been targeted.

The aquarius advertising agency

The script should have amazing story line up that would end with compelling impression over the mind of viewers who would be left stunned and the desire to go for the displayed product would consequently incarnate in their heart as their essential need.Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Recommendation Current Situation at AAA Although a functional structure, inter-department contact can be observed.

Goals – Aquarius strives to be a respected agency in the advertising industry. They try to achieve this by being responsive to changes in the industry, flexible with clients, innovative, and efficient.

The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a middle-sized firm that offered two basic professional services to its clients: 1) customized plans for the content of an advertising campaign, e.g., slogans, layouts, and 2) complete plans for media such as radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, magazines, etc.

Additional services include aid in marketing and /5(1). AQUARIUS PROMOTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED – BEST ADVERTISING AGENCY The Most Famous Creative, Advertising and Marketing company in Madhya Pradesh.

The aquarius advertising agency

Aquarius Advertising Agency. Definitely, the Greatest Master of the Three steps of Advertising, namely, first- research, second- plan, finally- execution. Aquarius Advertising Agency The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a middle sized firm that offered two basic services to its clients: (1) Customized plans for content of an advertising campaign (for example, slogans and layouts) and (2) Complete plan for media (such .

Aquarius Advertising Agency, has a vision to be the leading Advertising and Media Agency in the Northern Emirates and will strive hard to achieve that goal. We would be only happy to assist you in any service in the Media & Advertising field.

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