Snow globe craft writing alphabet

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Snow globe craft writing alphabet

Snow Globe Craft For Kids February 11, Creating a painted snow globe when you live in place that gets very little snow seemed like a great idea to me. My son just loves snow and snow globes.

Why not create a craft for kids that places them right in a snow globe. Creating this Craft for Kids To make our painted snow globes we started by cutting out the outline of a snow globe from black construction paper.

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I had traced the outline onto the paper with a white crayon before we started cutting. Cutting smoothly is still a challenge for one of us so, this was good practice. Then we each glued pictures of ourselves into the snow globe. I glued down a picture of me and JDaniel chose a picture of himself.

We had both taken several pictures of each other in fun poses and then selected the ones we wanted for this project. Taking the pictures for this project was really fun. You may already have pictures in your files that you could use instead of having to take new pictures. This was actually our favorite part of working on this craft for kids.

When the pictures were glued into place, we started to spatter tiny dots of white paint onto the globe. We tried several different ways of applying the dots.

At first, we tried dabbing on the dots. That technique created thick blobs of paint.

snow globe craft writing alphabet

Then we tried shaking the paint brush gently from side to side. Finally, we tried wildly shaking the paint-soaked brush. We found that the spatters remained light in color, but were much closer together on the snow globe.

I am sure that there are lots of other ways to apply white paint with a brush, but we stopped with those. While the paint was drying, we shook a shaker of salt over the snow globe to add a glistening effect to it. It did add a little bit of texture to the painted snow globe and that was fun!

If we had added glitter, we would have ended up with a shiny and glittery effect.Snow Globe Craft Making a snow globe with your child is a great winter craft! This is a simple snow craft that our preschooler absolutely loved making and playing with afterwards. Your snow globe craft can work with ANY THEME!

Christmas, Winter, family, Valentine’s Day, birthday, alphabet, etc. I thought N was making our family in her snow globe, but then she announced it was spiders that she had stomped. So again, any theme will work!

snow globe craft writing alphabet

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Mrs. Bremer's Class: The Snow Globe Family {FREEBIE PACK}

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| See more ideas about Frozen snow globe, Diy snow globe and Christmas snow globes. DIY and crafts. Snow globe crafts Such cute, snow globes craft + writing craft. maybe big buddies could cut out their photos for them.

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