Reduce violence

Counting mass shootings by counting only the dead can therefore underplay the harms firearms impose on those communities. Using a broader definition — instances in which four or more people are wounded or killed in a single incident, under any circumstance — mass shootings occur more than once a day in America, according to three years worth of data from the nonprofit Gun Violence Archivewhich culls its statistics from press reports and social media. Despite the attention they garner, mass shootings account for just 1 percent of gun deaths. Three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history have occurred within the past 12 months.

Reduce violence

The study participants read short accounts of violent behavior: They were then asked: Would you do that? The day before, half of them had had the frontmost region of their brains, responsible for such high-level functions as impulse control and moral judgments, electrically stimulated; the other half had not.

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The brain-stimulated group reported a 47 percent lower likelihood that they would commit the non-sexual physical assault 1. The brain-stimulated group also rated the assaults as more morally wrong than the control group did.

Reduce violence

In the only assessment of actual behavior, the participants got to stick pins into a computer image of a doll representing a close friend, a common lab test of violent tendencies. Those whose prefrontal cortex was stimulated stuck in slightly more pins than the control group.

One is that the brain-stimulated group had 24 women and 15 men, compared with 21 and 21 in the control group. It is at the very least possible that the gender distribution could have skewed the results.

But the brain mechanisms causing that violence in these groups may differ from the mechanisms in normal people. Results on healthy, non-violent college students therefore might not apply to people with such brain abnormalities. And even if stimulation of the prefrontal cortex makes people express a heightened sense that violence is wrong, when they are asked their views the next day, it remains to be seen whether any such effect would last, or if people would have to be zapped frequently.

Regardless of its shortcomings, the study worries some experts. If governments adopt brain zapping for violent offenders, would it be voluntary or, just as some states and countries mandate chemical castration for some male sex offenders, mandatory?The people whose prefrontal cortex was stimulated reported roughly half the likelihood of committing a violent act like the ones they watched, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania reported.

Nov 06,  · How to Reduce Shootings. By NICHOLAS KRISTOF UPDATED May 18, 10 Dead in Santa Fe, Texas, School Shooting; Suspect Used Shotgun and Revolver. are cost-effective and help reduce violence. Sep 27,  · Prevent unintentional injuries and violence, and reduce their consequences.

However, most events resulting in injury, disability, or death are predictable and preventable. The Injury and Violence Prevention objectives for represent a broad range of .

Tuesday’s session is part of an ongoing development process for a three- to five-year strategic plan to reduce violence, inspire hope and create a better life for residents. After another weekend of record-setting gun violence in the nation’s third largest city of Chicago, where 59 people were shot, leaving 6 of them dead and 53 wounded, local officials are still.

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Can zapping brains reduce violence? Controversial study sees potential