Mercury athletic case essay

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Mercury athletic case essay

Mars in the Tenth House and well-aspected is one of the best signs of success in life for it gives an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with an inexhaustible fund of energy, so that no matter what obstacles are placed in his way the person is bound to rise to the top.

It gives a masterful nature and good executive ability so that the person is well-qualified to conduct business and command others. These people succeed best in Martian occupations where fire, iron or sharp tools are used in a skilled manner, as by engineers or machinists, tailors or surgeons, et cetera.

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When Mars is afflicted in the Tenth House it gives the same energy and ambition as the good aspects but the person will then lack discrimination and overreach himself with the result that he will incur the enmity of other people who will accomplish his downfall and bring him into disrepute in the community.

Thus the life will be filled with strife, struggle and unhappiness until the person Mercury athletic case essay learned to hold himself in leash, regard the rights of others and abandon his autocratic attitude and self-assertion.

This position also gives liability to accident and slander. Mars in the Eleventh House makes people leaders in their particular social set, enthusiastic in the pursuit of pleasure, brings friends among martial and athletic persons; gives energy and enthusiasm for realizing hopes, wishes and aspirations.

But if Mercury athletic case essay in the Eleventh House is afflicted it makes the person touchy and sensitive towards friends with consequent unpopularity and he is liable to overreach himself in his keen desire to realize his ambitions in life.

Mercury athletic case essay

Mars in the Twelfth House when well-aspected may bring the person benefit from things denoted by this house, prisons, hospitals and charitable institutions if employed in an official capacity as warden or surgeon; or as administrator of an estate or in detective work.

But if Mars is afflicted in the Twelfth House the person is liable to trouble, sorrow and self-undoing all through life.

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He will incur the enmity of other people and may be confined in prison or an insane asylum. If Cancer or Pisces is on the cusp of the Twelfth House Mars will lead him to drunkenness and dissipation.

If Scorpio is on the cusp the vitality will be sapped through sex or self-abuse. In any case Mars afflicted in the Twelfth House makes a social outcast unless there are other redeeming features in the figure.

No matter what the obstacles in the path these people will attempt the seemingly impossible and often succeed through sheer audacity. They are original, resourceful, have considerable mechanical ability and the more venturesome an undertaking appears the more it appeals to them.

This position gives an abundance of vitality and a love of sport and muscular exercise. The person is just as enthusiastic in his enjoyment of recreation and pleasure as he is in his work and on that account he gets a great deal out of life.

But if Mars is afflicted in Aries it gives a violent temper and a liability to accidents, burns, scaldings, fevers and inflammatory complaints. The mind is also threatened. Mars in Taurus and well-aspected is a good indication of an early marriage.

Mercury athletic case essay

It shows good earning power and a free, generous disposition with regards to finances; it gives an interior strength of an unconquerable nature so that the person will always gain his ends by unflagging determination and a quiet persistence that recognizes no defeat, but presses on towards the goal that he has set for himself despite all obstacles.

It is also indication of money by legacy. But if Mars is afflicted in Taurus it gives an exceedingly stubborn, violent and vindictive nature. Such people will pursue their own way despite reason, argument or entreaty and if anyone attempts to thwart them in their purposes they never forgive. They also have good earning power but squander the money foolishly so that they are often in financial difficulties and if a legacy comes to them they are more likely to lose it through legal trouble than not and they are sure also to have domestic trouble.

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Mars in Gemini when well-aspected gives a keen, active and alert mentality. People with Mars in this position never beat about the bush.

They are honest and outspoken and say just what they mean perhaps at times a little too bluntly, but at any rate they are not hypocrites. They love to measure their wits against others in debate and therefore this position makes for success in law or literature. They also succeed in the engineering professions for they are resourceful, ingenious and mechanical, apt at learning and quick to grasp a problem or proposition.

But if Mars is afflicted in Gemini it gives a cynical, sneering, caustic and critical disposition and makes these people feared and shunned on account of their disagreeable nature. These people are also vacillating and unable to make a decision. Thus they cannot be depended on to stand by their word or their promise and if they keep an appointment once in a while it happens by accident.Aug 30,  · Find new ideas and classic advice for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts.

Mercury Athletic Case Analysis After reading Mercury Athletic: Valuing the Opportunity write an analysis paper in response to the following questions:•Is Mercury an appropriate target for AGI? Why or why not?•Review Liedtke’s projections. Mercury Athletic Footwear Case Study Background and Problem Statement West Coast Fashions, Inc.

(WCF) is a large corporation which designs and markets branded apparel for men & women. This Argumentative essay will discuss the argument of same sex marriage.

The contents are: meaning, brief background and thesis statement for the Introduction; for the Body of the discussion is the counter argument; and for the conclusion part: the summary and the restatement of the thesis statement.

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