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Turn off "seen" function in messaging.

Just so i can read an

Microsoft Developer Network March 26, Summary: Duncan Mackenzie describes how to build a tool that uses the System. Net namespace of the Microsoft.

Download the source code for this article. Spouse-Driven Software Design Coding without any specific goal is like going to the grocery store without a shopping list. Sure, you have a good time, you end up with items—items that might potentially be useful to someone at some point in the future—but you are unlikely to end up with tonight's dinner.

Well, that's exactly what I started doing the coding, not the shopping I just started coding away, and I wrote some cool stuff you will just have to take my word for itbut as my deadline got closer and closer, I did not really have anything that was ready for publication.

This was a wonderful feature for her, as she could quickly walk by the computer and see if she had new e-mail messages, without having to enter her password. Ah, the bliss of having provided one's spouse with a geeky computer or electronic solution that they find useful!

Welcome to Windows XP! Sadly, it always showed the same thing, 7 unread e-mail messages, even though Laura did not have any unread e-mail messages at all. Talk about a setup for disappointment: To be told that you have seven new and potentially exciting messages, only to log on and find that you have none.

That blissful feeling was quickly slipping away; I had to do some research, fast. It turns out those seven unread messages were in her hotmail inbox, but that the value shown on the logon screen was being set using the extremely well-named SHSetUnreadMailCount API call.

The Microsoft-implanted chip in the back of my neck is beeping like crazy right now at the suggestion, but I decided that this was probably true for many other folks as well. Suddenly I had focus; I could make a small application that would make the logon screen display a more useful value.

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Now I should clarify a few details: What I decided to build would handle connecting to a set of POP3 servers, pulling down the number of available messages, and populating the appropriate registry values. Of course, once I was done with that, I realized that I would likely mess up everything if I ignored Outlook, since that was the mail client Laura was using, so I added Outlook as an additional feature.

Just so i can read an

So let's break this down, as I like to do, into a set of distinct tasks that I needed to accomplish: Connect to a POP3 server and check the current of messages.

Write an application that runs in the background and checks each configured server every n minutes. Update the Windows XP logon screen setting whenever the number of messages changes.Jul 01,  · Alternately, use CTRL and + (plus) or CTRL and - (minus).

There should also be a zoom level select area in the lower right of the window. Click to select 75%, %, %, etc. If you hit the ALT key, the old top menu will appear and you can View, Zoom to select a level. About maximizing, close all IE windows then open one, maximize it and close it.

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Just so i can read an

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