How to write a memorandum army correspondence

Army Anthrax Vaccine Memo Over the weekend, an Army memorandum circulated to soldiers about possible disability related to bad Anthrax vaccine batches that then leaked onto social media to the public. I spoke with White, a colleague of mine in the same office, about his professional impression of the memo and his statement above. Basically, since the memo is valid, it likely originated from the 2nd Battalion located in South Korea implicating soldiers stationed at Ft.

How to write a memorandum army correspondence

I was thinking about putting this in the officer section, but unfortunately everyone has to eventually write one of these, and they have to be correct. Hopefully this can help you out in making your own memos.

There are dozens of types of memos but luckily they all have the same basic components. First, lets go over the AR that governs the use and writing of memos.

I just scroll down into the example memorandum that I am looking for and just copy the formatting. For this guide, a basic memo will be split into 3 sections.

how to write a memorandum army correspondence

The Heading, the Body, and the Footer. Each section will then be given an explanation. If you would like to download an editable memo example click here.

This is the header of all memorandums. Example from AR This is the seal for DoD and it goes on all memorandum headings in the same spot. This is where the responder can send correspondence back if they need to.

It should include a good mailing address. This is your office symbol. Every Company and unit has its own office symbol.


If not, find an old memorandum that was used by your unit before and it should be there. Date that the memorandum was written. If it is going to a different department or organization, put that organization name. If you are having problems figuring it out, take a look at the AR This is the subject line.

Basically gives the reader a brief statement about the subject of the memorandum. This is how the body should look.

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This is how the spacing for your memorandum should be. When you are first formatting your memorandum, single spacing should be used to make it easier.

Memorandums that I have seen usually have no less than paragraphs. It just looks natural. If there is only 1 paragraph, there is no need for numbering. Sub-paragraphs then start with a. If the sub-paragraph goes more than 1 line of text, the subsequent lines of words should not be indented at all.

This is the last time you will indent for sub-paragraphs. If you need to use a then they just fall under the 1. Begins right under the last line of the last paragraph. If you do not have an enclosures, you can leave this out. If you do not have a distribution list, you can leave this out.This is an example of a Notification of Intent for Reduction in Grade/Rank memorandum that can be used to help ensure that you have the proper format and information included if you need to write a Notification of Intent for Reduction in Grade/Rank memo.

STP SMCT. HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1 SEPTEMBER DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. SAIG-ZA 7 November MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: Counseling Guidance 1.

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