How cloud computing can help airlines

Cloud computing helps airline industry soar February 2, Written by: Archive Share this post:

How cloud computing can help airlines

How Cloud and Edge Computing Are Changing the Avionics Game Cloud technology allows people to house files and computing power in massive server farms, which they can access in real time over a network connection from different locations.

Now, have you ever tried explaining that to a tech-averse parent or luddite neighbor? What they do care about, however, is their buying experience: How easy it is to implement, is it secured, and how it will enable and transform their digital experiences. But with the help of technologies such as Internet of Things IoTcloud, and edge computing, the industry can create a seamless experience on par with those at Amazon, Salesforce, Tesla, and Netflix; that is, a cloud-based solution where the customer and end user see only the benefits and none of the back end.

Why airlines should care about the cloud The cloud is one of the most advantageous innovations in our industry because of its ability to corral data from multiple sources into one location and analyze it in bulk.

Airlines can only differentiate with good customer experience. They also need to keep their passengers connected and well-served by the flight crew. In addition to the in-cabin experience, the airlines also need to worry about maintenance. They must be able to anticipate mechanical issues, run diagnostics, and reduce downtime as much as possible.

These challenges are why data is so important.

How cloud computing can help airlines

Cloud computing enables this optimization. What they should care about is how to use that data's stories to set themselves apart. Still, Eswara reminds us that cloud technology is by no means perfect. But in recent years, the amount of data we use skyrocketed.

We went from gigabytes to petabytes ie. For the end customer, the experience began to deteriorate. The equipment, security, and certifications needed to set up complete edge computing on the aircraft makes it an option that only a few vendors can master. On the other hand, a complete cloud solution is also difficult to pull off.

Most airlines will not want to take on the costs and complications of real-time data transmission for every flight—regardless of the insights the data might reveal.

Choosing between cloud and edge solutions By combining the efficiency of edge with the power and flexibility of the cloud, many prominent businesses on the ground were able to create seamless, personalized experiences. Netflix, for example, relies upon a combination of local nodes and centralized servers to leverage valuable viewer data without sacrificing streaming performance.

Simple solutions catered to their needs and preferences. By putting cloud and edge computing into effect, the avionics industry can make everyone happy. Airlines can save time and money with readily available insights, while passengers have more enjoyable flights with personalized experiences.American Airlines, the largest passenger air carrier in North America, announced this week that it has chosen IBM as a cloud provider.

Specifically, the airline intends to move some of its applications to the cloud and make use of IBM infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) tools.

How cloud computing can help airlines

Discover how cloud computing can help you create new customer value; connect apps, data and services in new ways, and optimize for agility and economics. Learn More Connect with us. From offering hyper scalability needed to service the boom in travel shopping around the world, to providing elastic and highly available systems, cloud computing in travel can reshape the entire.

Airlines must embrace the use of digitally transformative technologies and cloud platforms to improve commercial performance as well as avoiding losing out to competitors.

Cloud computing providers must deliver products that are innovative, yet secure: Because the cloud computing industry has become increasingly popular, many well-known companies are launching improved or entirely new cloud services.

Even though cloud-computing could help advance the status of the black box in terms of the investigation after incidents like Air Asia flight QZ, nature often plays a significant role in airline disasters. But there is something we can do, on the ground, to lower the risk of these weather-related incidents.

Cloud computing helps airline industry soar - Cloud computing news