Grace nichols essay

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Grace nichols essay

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Grace nichols essay

She is of African origin, as we can see through her use of Creole. She is a black female, she utilises a violent and aggressive tone throughout the poem and it is formed in unconventional Verses.

Our other poem on the other hand uses a more polite tone and it is formed with a conventional standard and distinctive rhythm. William Blake is a white male and is of British homage, this can be seen through his use of Standard English.

Although both of these poems differ greatly they both share their common message of racial inequality. The sugar cane is almost pleading for help. Blake uses a more formal argument formed on an educated and civilised basis where-as Grace presents the image of the sugar cane growing through her use of Creole.

She also has a good use of repetition, which helps us understand the monotony of the slaves work. It also creates a kind of drama showing that the sugar cane is only grown to be cut back down again.

This also shows the venerability of the slaves. References to heat also appear in the two poems. These poems both offer the same major moral message to their readers, that we should all have racial equality.

We all share this common belief that we will die, be united in heaven and to all live eternally regardless of our colour or caste. In the sugar cane the message is a little stronger.


It shows how much of an impact we can have on other peoples lives. This quote shows of the damage we are doing to people because they are not of our race. Grace Nichols poem is much more assertive through its language and the use of Creole seems to mimic the collective voice of the black race. It shows exactly how much damage we can cause to each other without consciously realising it.

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Grace nichols essay

Grace Nichols Essay In the poem by Grace Nichols ‘Of course when they ask for poems about the ‘Realities’ of black women’, this poem contains certain splits which reflect upon her experience as an immigrant moving from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom and how she collaborates her two worlds together, by using both Creole, the.

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Grace Nichols Essay

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