Developing an action plan essay

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Developing an action plan essay

What We Need is Some Culture: In it he focuses on the key educational factors necessary for building cultures of "small 'd' democracy" in communities and regions across the country. In Part I he argues that culture is a powerful factor in political and economic dynamics, but currently almost all strategic thinking focuses just on structures and systems.

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His essay has been submitted to The Next System's essay contest. An overview of the whole essay is on his blog. Democratic self government means that citizens are actively involved in their own governance; they do not just passively accept the dictums of others or acquiesce to the demands of others… Membership implies participation, but not participation for participation's sake.

Citizen participation in a democratic society must be based on informed, critical reflection, and on the understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities that go with that membership.

Developing an action plan essay

It's different from formal education in schools, for example and informal education learning by living in that it is a process which aims to empower people who feel marginalized socially and politically to take control of their own learning and to effect social change.

In a word, praxis is people acting together as committed thinkers and actors. In Wikipedia we find two references that are particularly useful.

First, praxis as a learning process: Praxis may Developing an action plan essay described as a form of critical thinking and comprises the combination of reflection and action.

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Praxis can be viewed as a progression of cognitive and physical actions: This is how democracy, at its best, works. Second, for Hannah Arendt praxis was essential to human life and democracy. For Arendt, praxis is the highest and most important level of the active life…which she sees as the true realization of human freedom.

According to Arendt, our capacity to analyze ideas, wrestle with them, and engage in active praxis is what makes us uniquely human. The favorite example for Arendt is the American Revolution… Other examples of this kind of original beginning follow. In all these cases individual men and women had the courage to interrupt their routine activities, to step forward from their private lives in order to create a public space where freedom could appear, and to act in such a way that the memory of their deeds could become a source of inspiration for the future.

In doing so, according to Arendt, they rediscovered the truth known to the ancient Greeks that action is the supreme blessing of human life, that which bestows significance to the lives of individuals. So a framework for the pedagogy of such local programs is vital.

It holds out the promise of a highly functional way of self-governance. So the promise of democracy demands a loving but unmitigated assault on egotism. This gives us the first governing principle for its praxis: Another governing fact gives us empathic listening, the second governing principle of a democratic praxis: Peter Senge, beginning with the problematic and moving to empowered mutuality, spells out the implications of this fact: We are unable to talk productively about complex issues because we are unable to listen.

Listening requires opening ourselves. Opening our minds ultimately means opening our hearts. When a true opening of the heart develops collectively…people learn to embrace a level of uncertainty from which most of us normally retreat.

But this embrace arises from a collective strength that we have all but ceased to imagine, let alone develop: In the elections we were or should have been whopped upside the head with the discovery that these two principles had little purchase value across the political spectrum. Closer to nil than usual.

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What follows is an invitation to one sound starting point for beginning to figure out how to deepen our local democratic cultures and lay the groundwork for scaling them across many communities and regions. Nothing more than that.

These understandings of the nature and function of belief leaves us open to both taking decisive action while fully embracing our severe limitations for knowing reality. Therefore, it relies completely on good systems of accountability and a strong buy-in by people that critical performance feedback is essential for achieving accountability.

This is praxis, also known as experiential learning.

Developing an action plan essay

It is how we grow-up.An implementation intention (II) is a self-regulatory strategy in the form of an "if-then plan" that can lead to better goal attainment, as well as help in habit and behavior is subordinate to goal intentions as it specifies the when, where and how portions of goal-directed behavior.

The concept of implementation intentions was introduced in by psychologist Peter Gollwitzer. UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people.

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You do this by developing a robust action plan, which is the first step in the follow through phase. At the end of your successful conversation, you should have left . Published: Tue, 11 Jul My personal development plan is action plan that I have to make for my best future.

This plan specifically refers to my aspirations regarding to my personal development.

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