Childcare arrival and depature routine

Dismissal is at 3:

Childcare arrival and depature routine

We encourage all of our students to develop this important habit. We ask parents to help their children in this regard by scheduling appointments outside of regular school hours whenever possible. Voicemail is in operation 24 hours a day for your convenience.

When we have not heard from you, school personnel will attempt to contact you to ensure that your child is indeed safe. You can appreciate how time consuming this can be, so we do appreciate hearing from you first. For this reason, if your home or business numbers change at any time during the year, please let us know immediately.

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We also encourage our students to arrive at school promptly both in the morning and after lunch. If tardiness persists, parents will of course be notified. Students leaving the school during the day, for any reason, are required to notify the school office. Parents wishing to pick up children at school for appointments etc.

Your child will then be contacted. Students returning to school during the day must report to the office to sign in before going to their classrooms.

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Every day begins with the playing of the National Anthem, followed by announcements. Every grade 6 student has the opportunity to perform this important task. Values Assemblies are held every Monday morning.

We will have a value of the month along with an appropriate quote e. This year we will continue with the Second Step Program.

Arrival Procedures

This social skills program teaches students how to solve problems in a positive and respectful manner. Nurturing a positive social and learning environment is an important part of daily school life at Balmy Beach.

Childcare arrival and depature routine

Children are encouraged to actively play outside at recess times. Please help us by not letting your children bring electronic toys and other passive games to school. Yard supervision is maintained by teachers during these times. Students are dismissed for lunch at Many of our students go home for a relaxing and nourishing meal.

Children who stay for lunch are encouraged to bring a litterless lunch. The lunch program provides lunchroom and school yard supervision.For children with special needs, this may involve careful supervision of daily routines such as adapting for a child with severe allergies or using a special nipple for a child whose cleft palate.

Arrival and Departure; As each child becomes accustomed to the daily routine, it can be stressful for your child if you do not arrive as expected. Parents of children at the center past the scheduled pick up time will be charged extra child care fees of $ for each child for each 15 minutes or a fraction thereof past p.m.

Childcare-Arrival and Depature Routine. Topics: Education, Routine name: Arrival and departure. P4 Arrival; The bell is rung in the playground for the first time and all of the children are required to stand still and quietly, it is rung once more and the children line up in their designated area.

Reassuring Routines and Rituals. From infancy on, children count on rituals and routines to offer comfort and security. By Carla Poole, Susan Miller, Ed.D, . Arrival & Departure of Children. Please ensure you bring your child to their allocated room.

Under no circumstances will we receive children from the front gate, in the carpark or the outdoor play areas. IQ Childcare Centre does not endorse staff to pick-up or drop-off children to and from residences. As stated in Children's Services Regulations, , Clause 74 (5): 'A child who is collected or returned by a member of staff of a children's services is taken to have arrived when he or she is collected from the pick-up address and to have left when he or she is returned to the drop-off address'.

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