Characteristics of the world regional markets

However, not all consumers are alike in their tastes, preferences and buying habits due to different characteristics that can distinguish certain consumers from others.

Characteristics of the world regional markets

While some people and organizations refer to the seven continents as geographic zones, the U.

Characteristics of the world regional markets

Department of Homeland Security categorizes countries into specific regions. Each of these eight regions contains its own mix of geographic features and biomes. Department of Homeland Security breaks the world map into eight distinct geographic regions: Each of these regions contains a different mix of biomes and geographic features.

Africa Africa contains countries such as Libya, Niger and Zimbabwe. The weather across most of Africa tends to be hot and dry with little rainfall. Some of the world's most famous wildlife including lions and elephants inhabit this zone.

These animals have perfectly adapted to handle Africa's range of biomes.


Biomes are environments classified by weather and the adaptations of the living things that inhabit them. There are five biomes: Africa contains three of these: As a result, Africa has a diverse array of plants, animals and weather.

Africa is also geographically diverse. The tallest peak is Mount Kilimanjaro with a summit of 19, feet, while the famously flat Serengeti Plains stretch on for 12, square miles.

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Asia is stunningly diverse, containing all five of Earth's biomes. The Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland lake, is bordered by several countries in this region, including Kazakhstan and Iran. The Gobi Desert, the largest desert in Asia, covers more thansquare miles, while Asia's largest grassland, the Central Anatolian steppe in Turkey, stretches on for nearly 10, square miles.

Asia is home to the world's largest forest, the Taiga, as well as several alpine tundras, such as the one that tops the Himalayan mountain range in Tibet. Familiar Asian animals include tigers, pandas and snow leopards.

Caribbean The Caribbean region consists of islands and coasts in or around the Caribbean Sea. It contains countries such as Aruba, the Bahamas and Saint Lucia. The majority of the Caribbean boasts a warm, tropical climate, with many of its islands being popular vacation destinations.

However, this region can be prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. The Caribbean contains just two of Earth's biomes: The rainforests found in some parts of the Caribbean, such as the Guajataca rainforest in Puerto Rico, are rich in wildlife.

Characteristics of the world regional markets

Animals such as macaws and poison arrow frogs thrive there.The term ‘emerging markets’ is an extension of the terms ‘Second World’ and ‘Third World’ and was coined by the World Bank economist Antoine van Agtmael in the mids (Gwynne, Klak and Shaw , The Economist ).

The regional markets consist of countries that can be clubbed together for marketing purpose, as they share many common characteristics. Analysis the following regional market: Japan, china, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Oftentimes the Caribbean region is referred to as a melting pot because of the high cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity among each of its islands.

Characteristics Of Regional Markets

As many as 40 million individuals reside on. Characteristics Of The World Regional Markets. EMERGING MARKETS While no generally agreed upon definition for emerging markets exists, the term refers to low-income countries which generally have a rapid pace of economic development and where government policies favour economic liberalization (Hoskisson et al, ).

These . Jun 30,  · These geographic characteristics are often based on market size, region, population density and even climate, according to the article "Market Segmentation" at, a .

To evaluate your market, get a pen and piece of paper and go out and research the following 11 characteristics. Rate how well that market scores, on a scale of 1 to 10, on each of these.

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