Backup exec 2012 disk storage overwrite a file

A user is having trouble meeting a backup window after implementing full backup jobs daily with default settings. Which two selections will be effective in improving the backup window? An Active Directory domain includes six domain controllers.

Backup exec 2012 disk storage overwrite a file

Customer has multiple external hard drives that they swap out everyday or once a week Common customer description: How do you create a storage pool? I have multiple external hard drives that I use, how do I get Backup Exec to choose the one that is plugged in at the moment?

Go to the Storage Tab 3. Have the customer plug in all the external drives so Backup Exec can get them all assigned right away.

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Click on Configure Storage 4. Select the Storage Pool option 5. Name the storage pool some that can be easy to understand. Select the Drive s that will be in the storage pool 7. After you click next, there will be a summary page that shows the configuration that you chose.

You just created the pool but now you have to configure the backup jobs to point to the pool to backup now. Right-Click on the backup job and click edit When you get to this screen below, click Edit on the Backup pane On the right side, click on the storage tab.

If they have Full and Incremental backup jobs, you have to individually select the new storage. In the middle should be a drop down menu call Storage, select your newly created pool.

Just press OK and the new selection will update. Go to Devices Tab 3. Right-Click on the server and press New Device Pool 4. Select the drives that you need and Press OK.

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Once you create the pool, you must change the device that the backup job points to 6. Go to the Job Setup tab 7. Find the job that you need to change. Right-Click and Select Properties 8.

backup exec 2012 disk storage overwrite a file

On the left pane, find the Device and Media option 9. In the center pane at the top, use the drop down box to select your newly created device pool On the bottom, press Submit. Now the Job will go to the correct device. You can create the pool with one drive by following the above steps.

When they plug in the new drive, you will have to add that drive to the pool. If you need assistance, follow this Symantec article:Hi, Recently my site have installed backup exec My management doesn't want the backup file of the backup to disk to be plombier-nemours.coms: 7.

Backup Exec stores disk to disk backups in binary files. Folder where files are stored is listed on Devices tab and files are listed on Media tab.

Initially, you need to create a Backup to Disk . Automatically restore SQL Server database from file from another server. up vote 5 down vote favorite.

4. FROM DISK = @RestoreFilePath WITH FILE = 1, NOUNLOAD, REPLACE, STATS = 10 Restore from Azure blob storage failing after backup overwrite.

Write down the properties of any Backup Exec disk storage that you will move to the destination Backup Exec server (including deduplication disk storage): • If moving any Backup Exec disk storage to a new disk on the destination Backup Exec server, write down the properties of the disk storage.

Because I am trying to backup to a SQL "backup device" (server object) that points to file located in "Amazon Cloud S3 storage". It seems that the SQL backup process moves too fast, and the remote backup location can't "keep up" (I get "backup file improperly formatted" and "corrupt header" errors).

How to configure Storage, Backup Job on Symantec Backup Exec step by step Posted on October 16, in Backup Softwares In this article i am going to show you how to Storage, Backup Job on Symantec Backup Exec

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