Assess sociological explanations of cha

Functionalism is a structural theory based on value consensus. One key opinion of the functionalist perspective is that crime is a good thing. Factionalists view crime as beneficial for society because we can learn from it, they would argue that if, for example, a woman was walking alone in a short dress down a dark alleyway way in town and was sexually assaulted, then the rest of society could learn from this and avoid being alone, wearing revealing clothing and walking down dark alleyways.

Assess sociological explanations of cha

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The schooling system has changed dramatically to reach what it is today in contemporary Britain. Then in the Tripartite system was introduced, and then in the National Curriculum was brought in.

It introduced part coursework based exams, which it was thought was more suited to females, as they were more organised than males. Males have developed less positive attitudes to education than have females Barber The Hidden Curriculum coined by Jackson 2 uses a gender regime — that it is enclosed in messages concerning what is appropriate masculine and feminine behaviour.

This means that it covertly teaches the pupils what behaviour is befitting for their gender.

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This can happen through teacher labelling. A good example of the effects of the effects of labelling is the Pygmalion Effect named after a title of a play by G. A study done by Rosenthal and Jacobson, on the effects of labelling on American elementary school children showed that labelling does effect your education.

Therefore, if teachers label males as underachieving compared to females, they will be. An explanation of the reason for educational underachievement in boys is the biological one, or also known and the genetic explanation.

One argument is that females mature earlier than males. This can be shown in girls out doing males exams taken at a younger age, for example the 11plus.

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It also explains the fact that in the past males out done females at exams taken above the age of Although this does not explain why females are progressively outdoing males at all levels, including post 16 exams.

Another biological explanation of educational underachievement in males is the argument that there is a difference in natural aptitudes, that boys tend to lag behind girls in verbal proficiency, and girls behind boys in terms of visual-spatial perception.

However, criticisms have been made of the actual data that shows this, that it has been over exaggerated. And that the measures of proficiency may well be the result of different education received by boys and girls, meaning that girls and boys get trained, or taught differently, therefore may develop different spatial and verbal proficiencies.

Assess sociological explanations of cha

Another opinion is that female attitudes are changing. Sue Sharp conducted a major study into the changing attitudes of females; in she studied a group of secondary school girls. She asked them what they considered important in their lives.

This could lead to the males not having sufficient male role models. In conclusion I believe that it is a mixture of different factors that are effecting the male underachievement in education, in contemporary Britain.elsewhere, assess different sociological explanations of suicide.

(21 marks) Suicide is the intentional taking of one's own life and sociologists over the years have tried to put forward various explanations for why someone may do this.

Sociology and Common Sense Many people mistakenly believe that sociology is the study of the obvious. They claim that sociology is nothing but the application of common sense.

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Assess the sociological explanations of the relationship between globalisation and religion. 33 marks Secularisation theory has argued that modernisation has undermined religion.

The importance of science and technology on economic development and rational worldview on which they depend on are seen as destroying the belief in supernatural. Outline and assess the importance of self-report studies for the sociological understanding of crime and deviance (Jan ) Outline and assess left realist explanations of crime and deviance .

sociological approaches to analyse and explain both behaviour and personality of serial killers. This is a bid to apply the existing theories of violence, hostility, aggression, and criminality in general, to the incidents of serial.

to the explanation and treatment of both mental and physical ills. And in so too early to assess the impact of these developments and there are grounds others of the importance of the social. Sociology of Health & Illness Vol.

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