An overview of the decision making process in an organization

A unifying framework for thinking about processes — or sequences of tasks and activities — that provides an integrated, dynamic picture of organizations and managerial behavior.

An overview of the decision making process in an organization

Deontological based on study of moral obligation Theological Principle-based As well as others The good news is that, in general, most approaches will lead to similar choices for most decisions involving ethics.

There are obvious and sometimes notable exceptions, but these often involve ethical dilemmas that can only be addressed in the context of the specific decision being made.

Ethics in decision making impacts the choices for words and actions In confining ethical decision making to a business or group context, decisions on ethics are necessarily limited to actions and words e.

Per our distinction, thoughts and beliefs e. Clearly our thoughts affect our words and deeds, and in a group context, ethics in decision making can be evaluated through the tangible evidence and outcomes from words and actions.

Again, thoughts and motivation are left to the personal realm. As a consequence, evaluation of appropriate ethical behavior will have limitations.

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In all outcomes there are the following possibilities: Right motivation with right action Right motivation with wrong action Wrong motivation with right action Wrong motivation with wrong action Given the difficulty in exposing true motivation, ethical assessments will inherently be limited to an evaluation emphasis on action or outcome.

Will an immoral person make an ethical decision or a moral person make an unethical decision? This will be reflected in their ethics in decision making decisions made in the business context. Expect this to be the greatest source of dilemmas in ethics and decision making in an organizational context.

How do we incorporate ethics in decision making using our decision making process?

The Processes of Organization and Management

Addressing ethics in decision making in business or other large organizations or groups e. This focusing decision can influence criteria for decisions throughout the network of business decisions the decisions in bluedirectly influencing ethical decision making and organizational conduct.

Additional related decisions include choosing the business mission and the code of conduct that will add compliance criteria to decisions across the business decision network. Here are some criteria that can help ensure appropriate ethical considerations are part of the decisions being made in the organization: Does it meet should exceed legal requirements?

Promote good and reduce harm - What solution will be good to the most people while minimizing any possible harm? Responsibility - What alternative provides the most responsible response?

Does the solution ensure meeting our duties as a good corporate citizen? Promotes trust - Does the solution lead to honest and open communication? Is there full disclosure? Builds reputation - Would a headline of your decision generate pride or shame?

Does your solution add to or detract with the identity you want for the organization? When is the best time to address personal morals versus organization ethics?

Agreement to join the company implicitly assumes that this reconciliation has taken place, but it can be made explicit by requiring agreement to a code of conduct.Within organizations, these inputs and outputs can be as varied as materials, information, and people.

Common examples of processes include new product development, order fulfillment, and customer service; less obvious but equally legitimate candidates are resource allocation and decision making.

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Introduction. Throughout history, the world has seen many good leaders who possessed a variety of attributes that made them great.

An overview of the decision making process in an organization

One only has to think of such people as Ghandi, Alexander the Great, and Prince Llywelyn of Wales. Journal of Management and Marketing Research Management information systems and business decision making, Page 2 1.

Introduction Information Systems can be conceptualized in terms of three types of systems. AN OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM DEFINITION OF MIS: organization can prepare a decision rule or decision procedure. This can be expressed as a set PHASES IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS: 1.


The Decision‐Making Process