An examination of the fetal alcohol syndrome

What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? It can happen to any child whose mother drinks alcohol while she is pregnant. All types of alcohol can cause damage to your unborn baby.

An examination of the fetal alcohol syndrome

It kept me up at night. Your child suddenly dies and there is no reason for it? This post is for informational purposes only and not intended as medical advice.

It normally happens during sleep.

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The problem with the above chart and statistics is that these numbers are not even remotely accurate. While the definition of SIDS is: There are no clinically significant findings that indicate cause of death. After true research, the actual rates have not dropped, but the reported SIDS causes of death have.

However, other causes of sudden unexpected infant death SUID increased. Sudden infant death syndrome is your child suddenly dying, with no outside restriction to air flow. In the United States, national immunization campaigns were initiated in the s when several new vaccines were introduced and actively recommended.

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For the first time in history, most US infants were required to receive several doses of DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines. This is also the peak age for sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.

Learn more about CDC deception here. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.

You can take a look here. The maddening part is that all reports listed follow the same trend: Fischer who are both associated with Centers For Disease Control. If the Centers For Disease Control is so confident that there is no relation between SIDS and vaccinations, why do they constantly have their hands in the cookie jar?

Why can they not present complete independent studies that prove there is no correlation? The CDC uses this same unethical practice in proving that vaccines are safe and effective as well, and will never present any independent, double-blind studies on the matters. Both twins showed signs of shock throughout the night prior to their death.

The data clearly shows that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely.

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Source In the Japanese government began recommending that children not be vaccinated until age two. During this time, SIDS cases plummeted. SIDS has returned to Japan since the government now recommends vaccinations be administered at three months. Neuropathologic research focuses upon the role of brain regions, particularly the brainstem, that regulate or modulate autonomic and respiratory control during sleep or transitions to waking.

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An examination of the fetal alcohol syndrome

or find out more. In , psychologist Ann Streissguth was shocked by the lack of scientific documentation on the impact of alcohol on the unborn child. She sought to fill that void by dedicating her professional career to the study of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol effects (FAE).

Alcohol consumption, the drinking of beverages containing ethyl alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are consumed largely for their physiological and psychological effects, but they are often consumed within specific social contexts and may even be a part of religious practices.

Because of the effects that alcohol has on the body and on behaviour, governments often regulate its use. Mainstream medical advice claims that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) "just happens" and "there is nothing one can do to prevent it, but that's not the truth.

If a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy, her baby could be born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which causes a wide range of physical, behavioral, and learning problems. Types. FASDs encompass a range of physical and neurodevelopmental problems that can result from prenatal alcohol exposure.

The most severe condition is called fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which refers to individuals who have a specific set of birth defects and neurodevelopmental disorders characteristic of the diagnosis. Some accept only FAS as a diagnosis, seeing the evidence as .

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - What You Need to Know